Hello. I’m Amelia! I’ll give you random tidbits about myself.

I don’t have a fancy piece of paper stipulating that I am a photographer, but I have a fancy piece of paper that states that I have finished a 5 year degree in Dentistry. I discovered my real passion for photography during my studies in dentistry. Yes, as contradicting as it sounds, imma registered dentist!

I do photography out of interest. Over time, my passion for photography was beginning to significantly outweigh that of dentistry.

I’m a yoga enthusiast. I do yoga whenever I’m free. #yogaeverydamnday

My hobby is editing pictures. Weird I know.

Doodling makes me happy!

I don’t like to stay put, I love to travel everywhere! So talk to me if you’re having a destination project that would like me to shoot for you!

I don’t call myself a photographer. But rather a visual storyteller.

So that’s me! It’s so lovely to have you here on my website. Feel free to browse around and don’t forget to say hello. p/s: I won’t bite :p



For photography engagements, reach her at reachameliasoo@hotmail.com !

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