Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Penang, Malaysia. I shoot assignments throughout Malaysia and abroad. I LOVE to travel; I will go anywhere in the world your big day takes me.

Do you charge for travel?

Not if your wedding is in Penang. If you’re having a destination wedding shoot me an email and we can discuss in greater detail!

What happens at an engagement shoot?
We do whatever you want to do! We can go for coffee, we can go for a hike, we can go for a stroll in town. Anything you decide to do I’ll be shooting away, so you can get creative! It will also be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better and for you to practice being in front of the camera.

When and how do we get our photographs?
I’d say about 4-6 weeks after the wedding day. Your edited photos will be delivered via an online gallery for you to share with your friends & family, on which they have the option of ordering high quality prints and canvases from professional labs!

How many images do we get from our wedding day?

I work in an unlimited way, essentially all that means is that I photograph everything that looks interesting and wonderful to me, and if there’s more, I will give you more. I’m there to shoot your wedding for YOU, and it’s pointless for me to take nice photos that never get seen by anyone because there’s a maximum number. Having said this, not everybody likes surprises, so I can reassure you that generally I will produce a minimum of 400 photos for a full day’s shooting.

We reckon we might be mega awkward in front of the camera, is that going to be ok?

Yes, it’s going to be ok, don’t panic Mr Mannering! A majority of the couples who approach me tend to bring this up, and actually the way I work is perfect for people who don’t feel they’ve perfected their Vogue poses. My default mode is to not interfere or pose anything, so for most of the day you’ll look absolutely brilliant by just ignoring me! Even when I shoot couple shots, I’m secretly snapping the fits of giggles and stolen looks when you’re not noticing, and this is how I capture relaxed happy faces!

Do you work in a team?

No, I don’t. I shoot alone most of the time.

What about videography?

No! Only photography!

Do we have to feed you?
If you could that would be much appreciated! I like food.

I have more questions!

Sure. Drop me an email at reachameliasoo@gmail.com !

Last updated on 1st July 2022.