Benjamin & family

“It might be my grandma’s last trip as she’s getting quite old. She’s 100 years old, and gives off a very comfortable vibe. Most people who first meet her would like her immediately. However, granny is a woman of few words and not very comfortable taking photo. There’s so much to say about her but she’s amazing, she brought me up in the UK and Singapore – as traditional as she is, she accepts me for who I am too. ” – Benjamin

JR3A6012-3This was one of the most heartfelt and enjoyable family portraits that I’ve ever shot. I’m honoured that Benjamin chose me to document their stories. I felt incredibly happy and proud that I got to spend some time with Benjamin and his family.

JR3A6435-1.jpgI wish I could tell you more of their stories. I wish I could write down here why their story hold such a special place in my heart. But truly I can’t. It is not my place to tell their stories. It is not my place to share with you everything they shared with me. Instead, I can only tell you their stories via photographs.












JR3A6838-1.jpgI hope that throughout this post, you get to see their family and love story, you get to see the little moments that mean the world to them, you get to see how beautiful they look together, you get to see how beautiful this family is 🙂 Love is love. x

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