Kind Words

One of the best decisions we’ve made throughout this wedding journey. She’s easy to work with, you would feel like you are having a photoshoot with a friend. No awkward moments! Just a pure talent you cannot deny. All worth it, we highly recommend Amelia. – Rendon & Carla

I engaged Amelia’s services for our tea ceremony and a mini photoshoot in Georgetown and had zero regrets (in fact I would have regretted it if I didn’t engage her!) with the decision. She managed to capture our interactions with each other and with our loved ones very naturally and I was surprised to see some photos I didn’t even realise she was taking. Highly recommend Amelia – Sherbelle & Chia Heng

Blessed to engage with Amelia for our family photo session during our short vacation in Penang. She’s really patient with us especially the kids and love how she captured us naturally without all the awkward poses for the camera. The outcome of the photo session was really out of our expectations because it’s really heartfelt & touching. Strongly recommended that you spare 1-2 hours to do this family photo session with Amelia if you are having holiday in Penang to keep those sweet memories last forever. – Bridget & family
Professional, flexible, creative, going the extra mile, Amelia has them all – very happy with the photos she took during my marriage proposal. I recommend Amelia’s services! – Alexandru
It took us sometimes to pick the photographer for our family photo session, I was quite particular about it, I want us all to relax and enjoy our time while we go out explore with the little one, yet I want our photographer to capture all those tiny magical moments. Amelia did it! She’s nothing short of amazing! We felt really comfortable around her, just like a friend visiting the garden with us. She went for the extra miles (sweat so much running here and there!). She photographed connection between people, she photographed emotion, and the yield of the day is timeless photographs, we will be looking back at those photos after 10, 20 years and still remember those tiny moments of that day. Hope our path will cross again in the future!! – Kate & family
“My fiance and I engaged Amelia for a casual pre wedding shoot in Penang and the results are beyond our expectation! She did an amazing job and i can’t thank her enough. You made Ken and I feel so comfortable and just to be ourselves during the two hour photo-shoot. You made us laughed, and helped carry our bag when we cycling. You managed to capture the most natural moments perfectly and we really appreciate it. Hopefully we will get to work with you again in the future. Many thanks again Amelia, you’re a star!!” – Sook Fong & Ken Ling

” I was quite particular when it comes to selecting our wedding photographer because I strongly believe a great photo can tell the story and immersed you into the moments. I couldn’t be happier when I stumbled upon Amelia Soo photograhy. All her works have stories to tell- which is what I was looking for!

Without second thought, I knew Amelia has to be our wedding photographer. I’m so glad to have her in our wedding journey from prewedding shoots to ROM & Actual Day – best decision ever!! She made everything feels so casual and easy especially on our Bangkok prewedding shoot. I am a bad poser myself so I was delighted that I don’t have to pose like cover page models. She works on capturing moments instead, which major love from me!! All I wanted is to be able to look back at our wedding photos when we grow old and still feeling the moments we had during our wedding journey together.

Now we have received all the photos from Amelia, I would like to give her the biggest shoutout! Her work is nothing short of amazing!! She totally understand what I envisioned for and made it even better! So happy to have given her all the freedom to edit the photos and slideshow. They are beyond our expectation!! Afterall, her photography style was the reason I wanted her to be our photographer in the first place. So we should put the trust on her and allow her to do what she does best!

Lastly, I know I have said this so many times but A VERY BIG THANK YOU AMELIA, for putting your heart and soul in all the photos and making them the perfect memories that CY and I will cherish for many more years to come!! ” – Debra and CY
” We had a casual shooting with Amelia during Christmas time in 2019. She was very talented and prompt in replying messages! I totally love the candid pictures, and it was amazing that she could somehow capture very loving moments of my son who is absolutely shy and grumpy towards the end (I am sure mother of boy could understand)! It took only a week which is much earlier than the expected to have the files and I can’t wait to have them hung on my wall! Btw Georgetown is very photogenic I totally recommend Amelia + Georgetown!” – Joyce & family
“Engaging Amelia for a family shoot in Georgetown was unbelievably easy with her traveling advice and recommendation for location of photo shoot (and food too!) Her photography style has some unexplained magical level that got me mesmerised (Amelia…as good as the #念念不忘 Kopi Peng that you had recommended to us). The shoot yielded absolutely beautiful shots and left us with good memories of our family vacation in Georgetown. Great thanks Amelia! ” – Jerry & family
” We engaged Amelia for our first-ever couple photoshoot and that’s definitely the best decision we have ever made. Amelia was very responsive and attentive to our needs. She made us feel at ease and provided guidance throughout our photoshoot. We were truly amazed by the photos delivered by Amelia as they really exceeded our expectations ❤ ” – Leeli & Ong
” Amelia is an amazing photographer who is able to work under pressure, and to deliver excellent, high quality photographs. Was impressed by Amelia’s creative eye, and her ability to capture raw moments and emotions. She is a photographer for any and all occasions. Looking forward to engage her again, in the future. ” – Zhi Xin
“My client said that all photos are amazing as we have expected. Fallen in love with Amelia’s photos since we saw IG promotion. We are duly very happy to receiving those photos and GIF. Thank you so much Amelia san🥰
Also We will never forget ever Nasi Lemak taste where Amelia take us to restaurant’s one. We are happy to touch the Penang’s specialties unexpectedly.

Amelia is not only talented photographer but also hospitality mind photographer show us “What a great Penang Island is” such as for foreigner.

We were thinking Amelia will take photos at Blue mansion mainly because easy to take photos indoors.But Amelia took photos outdoor street photos (Old town) a lot! That make us more than happy to because that photos are totally our style photography. Again, thank you so much Amelia san, we will promote pre wedding photoshoot at Penang to my friends definitely! ” – Maiko, AsianJoy Wedding Planner.
“Lifetime memories – Amelia is an amazing and talented photographer , extremely patient and professional with her job as well. We had a memorable pre wed & ROM shooting experience shooting with her , she made everything look effortlessly. What separates Amelia apart from the rest is that , she has very high passion and love in what she does and her high passion and love in photography is translated through her work. In the words of Steve Jobs , “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Jun & Camille
” My family engaged Amelia for a graduation/family photo session and we loved it!
Amelia is an incredibly talented photographer, capturing our raw moments and emotions behind her lens while making us feel extremely comfortable! There were a lot of laughter and love during our session and we are really happy that the photos tell our story 🙂 My family and I had so much fun working with Amelia! ” – Cai Yun & family
” Amelia is simply amazing! We had our prewed shoot with her, it was hilarious and fun! We were both at first really worried about posing for photos and being awkward, but she made us feel the complete opposite. The shots we got back were insanely good!! The playful dynamic between us was documented and captured perfectly, she has indeed given us memories we will treasure forever! ” – Summer & Rufus
” It was our first time taking this kind of photos, and Amelia made it so easy for us. She gave just the right amount of directions and our photos, and also tried to get to know us as well. The photos came out absolutely gorgeous at the end. 🥰 Thanks so much Amelia for not only making the photos so amazing, but the process very enjoyable as well ❤️ ” – Sophie & Ian
“Amelia shot our pre-wed and it was so fun!! Both of us have not done any photo shoots before but Amelia made it so easy and enjoyable. Before the shoot she gave suggestions us on the outfit and location, after knowing the look and feel we were after. During the shoot, she gave simple but creative cues and captured the natural moments between both of us. Most importantly, the shots came out amazingggg and I’m so so thankful! Would definitely recommend Amelia to all my friends!!👍🏼” – Poline & Guo Jun
“Amelia played a huge part in my planned surprise proposal. Leading up to the day Amelia’s communication and cooperation were fantastic and she was perfectly placed to help capture the surprise. We then spent the following day taking engagement photos and Amelia’s relaxed and fun manner helped us laugh all the way through the day. The subsequent shots are stunning and truly captured the spirit of the occasion. We could not be more grateful to Amelia for helping us create and capture memories that we’ll cherish forever🍾” – Stephane & Rina
“I am a wedding planner in Japan and had collaborated with Amelia! Amelia is a great photographer, don’t miss to capture customer’s emotional moments. And also good at blightning the atmosphere! She is a wonderful woman having a pioneer spirit. 😍✨ Anyway I am a big fan of her photography!Everyone should apply for her services~~~!!!!!!” – Chihiro Oe, Landress Wedding Planner
” Amelia has done a wonderful job on my wedding photos, she’s very friendly and professional. highly recommend!!” – Sofia & Demiltri
” We definitely recommend Amelia cos her photos are just so beautiful that we can’t stop looking at them!
We aren’t photogenic people, and also a little awkward around others, but Amelia made us feel so comfortable, that we felt like we were travelling with a friend!
Not to mention she is really good in capturing the feels and mood in every photo.. I can’t help but smile and reminisce how I felt during the moment. She doesn’t capture photos, she captures memories.
I feel so blessed that I picked Amelia to come with me on a roadtrip pre-wedding shoot. She made it so much fun and even helped with my preparations for the shoot! Like sourcing for locations, makeup artist, flowers, etc. I felt really touched before even meeting her, as she really cared about me!
I think I repeated it so many timesss: I REALLY LOVE HER PHOTOS ❤ ” – Sharon & GX
“Amelia is a tremendously talented photographer that deserves every good comment and 5 star rating she has gotten. Her photographs are amazing aesthetically, and never fail to reflect the exact mood and vibe of that moment. But above all, she is just a fun and warm person to have around, and that’s perhaps why she captures shots the way she does. Thank you for the awesome photos, Amelia!” – Yih Seong & Shu Hui
” Amelia is AWESOME!!! Don’t hesitate. Just lock in the date with her and TRUST me you will never regret. Best photographer with lots of smile and patience.LOVE HER!!
“We were all so looking forward for the photos that you taken for us. I have to say you did not disappoint us. You gave us more than what we were expecting.
I am so glad you are the one who helped us to capture all the precious moment and memory that will last for years and generation.
Looking at the photos, bring tears to my eyes. Love how you captured all the side of us. No matter we are being silly, annoyed (that’s my daddy, – already take so many, enough.)
happy, and also slim and fat side of us. hahahhah…. They are all precious memory for us. Would like to thank you once again for being our photographer of the day.
I am sure that this will not be the last and definitely we will be seeing you soon for another shoot.
😘From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. WE ARE LOVING THE PHOTOS. “
Love, Nia and the family.
“Amelia is an amazing photographer. This was my first time hiring a photographer on holiday and I have to say it was really fun! We were in Penang for a friend’s bachelorette trip and the idea was to dress up in Nyonya Kebayas and capture the weekend among the beautiful architecture of Penang. We were supposed to be elegant and ladylike but within minutes of meeting us, Amelia quickly understood the quirkiness of the bride and her friends and was happy to entertain our random requests like shots in a bathtub or drinking champagne from Chinese tea cups. It certainly got very hot and sweaty but Amelia never complained about it. The result was an amazing set of photos that really captured the fun and laughter from a memorable weekend. Thank you so much Amelia!! ” – Michelle & friends
“Amelia is sucha lovely photographer! What makes a great photographer isn’t just one who knows how to take shots, but one who also understands her clients, makes her clients feel comfortable and brings out the best in them. My friend and I did a BFF shot and me being the awkward turtle that I am, the photos turned out amazing! Thanks, Amelia � ” – Syarina & Karen
” Amelia is not only talented in photography but definitely very passionate about it. From the start of our shoot, she was continuously exploring different angles and poses and advised us accordingly (which was so helpful!). She never rushed us to keep to time. Instead, she made sure we were at ease and comfortable for the best candid photos. She was extremely helpful and attentive — making sure we weren’t hungry, helping us when we needed help with our things or advising us to rest when we were traveling. Prior to the phototaking session, she was very responsive and clear in her communication with us and clarified all our queries. Understanding that this is an important moment for every couple, she even went the extra mile in helping to advise on what to wear to ensure we’d look our best!
We truly appreciated her and her excellent attitude and we were so excited when she shared with us the wonderful photos earlier than expected �
All in all, it was so fun and we’d come back to take future photos with Amelia! Definitely recommended. Thanks so much Amelia!” – Lisa & WX
” 从我们的情侣照到我的全家福直到我人生中最重要的求婚!她总能轻易的捕捉非常温馨的一面。谢谢她帮我记载了我人生中许多幸福的画面并赋予它们生命!这些将成为我一辈子的回忆!如果想在找一个灵魂摄影师我将大力推荐她! 你一定不会后悔 ” – Evelyn & family
Thank you Amelia for accepting to take our job even though it was a very last minute decision.
We had our 11mo girl with us and she definitely help to guide us without rushing us and it makes all of us comfortable and be as natural as we can.

When she initially sent us 2 pictures, we were already excited and can’t wait to see the whole pictures.
It doesn’t take her long before she emailed us the link for the photographs and it turned out to be AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

We really enjoyed working with Amelia and she definitely made our experience all that more enjoyable. Thank you once again.

ps: Highly recommended!! Hehe..

Much love,
The Tazis
[Nadiah, Mohammed, Yousra]
“Thank you for your wonderful work and for your patience throughout the whole evening. The pictures are perfect. Saleh and I both appreciate the professionalism and style you brought to your work. Your images will stand forever as a treasured piece of our history together. Thank you” – Shahedah & Saleh
” 这次槟城之行 最意外的收获就是旅拍了 在Instagram无意看到amelia的作品 特别喜欢 拍摄风格十分自然 于是试着微信联系 刚好我们去的时间有空档 拍摄当天气温十分高孩子有些闹情绪 没想到她把孩子闹情绪的表情也抓拍到 看到照片 十分惊喜 槟城的世界文化遗产区域 十分的有氛围 适合旅拍 这次的照片肯定会成为我们家日后的美好回忆 再次感谢amelia 如果想尝试摆脱影楼的固定风格和摆拍 十分推荐amelia ” – Zi Yu
“Amelia是我马来西亚之行最大的惊喜,因为给我拍的照片,我都非常喜欢,谢谢Amelia,下一次如果我来槟城,我还会找Amelia拍照,Amelia让我体会到了槟城人的热情与礼貌,也带我了解了很多槟城的文化,她也是一位专业的摄影师,会拍出客人想要的感觉。” – Xin Gu
“Don’t hesitate – choose Amelia as your photographer! We got Amelia’s help to capture the memories of us with our first baby during my pregnancy. Me and my husband rarely take photos and were expecting there will be some photos with our awkward expression. However, Amelia was able to put us at ease straight away. We laughed lots and those photos turned out awesome and natural! She captured the moments perfectly.
Thank you, Amelia! ” – Hue Yi & husband
“Amelia was great to work with! She shot our tea ceremony and reception recently at G Hotel. The photos taken not only captured the moments but the joy, happiness and atmosphere of our big day. She is great at capturing candid moments but also has an eye to detail which gives the photos the extra touch. Highly recommend Amelia!” – Andrew & Valerie


  1. MC

    Wonderful experience with Amelia as our photographer. She is good in taking natural and candid shots. When we received the full album from Amelia, we were actually very surprised because we did not even notice that she was actually taking some photos from unexpected but beautiful angles. Her ideas were cool and limitless.

    Overall, Amelia’s edits were leaning towards medieval style, with a peach-yellow color scheme. If you really like this style, then Amelia would be the right photographer for you.

    Furthermore, Amelia is friendly and easy to deal with. She accepts requests and comments from clients openly. She always do her best to ensure that the photography session is fun and memorable. Lastly, she is very punctual and respects her client’s time.


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