Family day in the life.

Family short stories

(outdoor and/or in-home sessions)

Zero chance of “everyone smiles at the camera!”

With a documentary lifestyle approach, I won’t be asking you to pose awkwardly and smile at my camera.  You will receive minimal direction to get the best light and capture beautiful, natural moments of your family together but be warned, I may climb on your furniture!


Just nuanced moments of your real life, unapologetically.

None of the stress.

Your session with me will be an experience you’ll remember, giving you photos that preserve the memory of your life at this moment.


Your life. Your home. Everything that’s undeniably you.

And yes, that includes all the lived in spaces that you shouldn’t tidy up just because i’m coming over.

Come as you are!

Available for your big life events and mundane routines, and everything in between.

I want to be there to capture the stories you create together…

Seeing grandparents for the first time in weeks.

How you held her when she scraped her knee while seeking her scootering freedom.

The day you brought home the puppy your children have beg for years.

You see? The possibilities are endless.

Maybe it’s given you the chance to do things with your children that you otherwise couldn’t have during a more “normal” time.

When this is all over, will you remember it?

From birth photography, to grandma’s 100th birthday party; “day in the life” sessions to smaller family photoshoots – and everything in between. I’ll basically come and hang out with your family, taking photos of you enjoying being together.

Show up as you are

Outdoors anywhere

Moment-focused, sprinkled with a few portraits


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