Nia & family

”My dad is 74 and he is having alzheimers. Basically he looks normal but his memory is fading. He cannot remember our names. As we never really have a family photo taken and I am married and staying in Sydney. My sis is in Ipoh. I am hoping that we can get your help to capture some family moments for us.” – Nia


It’s probably a little strange to say but I treasure these moments as much as my clients do…when I look back at every frame I remember how I felt at that very moment. A lot of the time I find myself learning from them; seeing their relationships, the way their love radiates, their values, hearing stories about their childhood and families…

More often than not I take more than I give, and for that I’m thankful.
















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    Dear Amelia,

    We were all so looking forward for the photos that you taken for us. I have to say you did not disappoint us. You gave us more than what we were expecting.
    I am so glad you are the one who helped us to capture all the precious moment and memory that will last for years and generation.
    Looking at the photos, bring tears to my eyes. Love how you captured all the sides of us. No matter we are being silly, annoyed (that’s my daddy, – already take so many, enough.)
    happy, and also slim and fat side of us. hahahhah…. They are all precious memory for us. Would like to thank you once again for being our photographer of the day.
    I am sure that this will not be the last and definitely we will be seeing you soon for another shoot.

    From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU. WE ARE LOVING THE PHOTOS.

    Love, Nia and the family.

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