Top 5 prewedding/engagement photoshooting spots in Hokkaido.

1. Biei

It wasn’t ideal weather when we had the shoot at Biei. Despite of the rain, we decided to take some shots and the outcome was beyond our expectations. Very cinematic I’d say.

Full post here and here.


2. Mount Asahidake

If you’re a mountain lover or an adventurous couple, I will assure you won’t go wrong picking Mt. Asahidake as your backdrop! My couple and I took the ropeway and climbed mid-way. Didn’t get to hike up to the summit as it began to rain quite heavily. Well, we were glad that we still managed to take some beautiful shots before the storm hit! However, strong legs muscles are REQUIRED!! xD

Full post here.

3. Lake Toya

Lake Toya is just a relaxing place to be! Calm and peaceful lake for a photoshoot wasn’t a bad idea at all. And the view was absolutely amazing!

Click here for complete album.


4. Tokachi Millennium Forest

If you fancy greenery forest as a backdrop, this place could be an ideal location. Focusing on “Earth, forest and wildflowers” theme. You can also enjoy beautiful harmony of nature like the babbling of brooks, the calls of wild birds and a soft breeze all began to make me feel right at home in a forest.

More photos here.


5. Jozankei Nature Village

This place is definitely worth a second visit! It’s so beautiful in Autumn (FYI, my period of visit was in early October 2018). I believe it would be amazing to do a camping-themed engagement shoot here during winter season. if you’d like to have your prewedding shoot taken in Hokkaido as I’d love to go back for Hokkaido in winter again! with the adventurous YOU, of course!



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